Is The Role Of CBD In Fighting Opioid Epidemic Considerable?

Opioid epidemic or opioid crisis marks the increasing number of people either dying or hospitalized for overdose of opioids including prescribed and illicit drugs. In the last few years, most of the accidental deaths due to drug overdose were the outcome of opioid epidemic. The issue is getting bigger as day passes by.

Opioids are derived from opium or a synthetic version of it. From a long time it has been used as pain reliever and anti-anxiety medication. This increased the tendency to abuse the prescribed opioids. The medical researchers are short on non-opioid analgesic medication option. To stop the prescribed drug abuse from the root, it is important to find an alternative.

Since the CBD has shown some analgesic and anti-anxiety properties, many people are self medicating with it to have therapeutic benefits and to get rid of their addiction. You can just type ‘CBD products near me’ to search the product availability and compare various options. With genuine stores like JUST CBD store you can find various forms of assured CBD products. Find the right product and with retails order over $20 get free shipping within the USA.

How Can CBD Be Used To Avoid Addiction To Prescribed Opioids?

CBD does have some health benefits and qualities that can fight the opioid epidemic. It can basically provide a solution to prescribed opioid drug abuse. The reasons can be listed as follows –

  • It can easily replace opioids used for pain relief as CBD also has analgesic properties.
  • Opioids are highly addictive in nature but CBD is not at all addictive.
  • With opioids people have high tendency to develop drug tolerance, but with CBD it is hardly the case.
  • Authentic CBD is organic or non-toxic.
  • CBD does not have psychoactive property like THC, therefore, it is safer to use and a legal drug in many countries.

These properties would help mostly to avoid getting addicted to opioid medications.

How Does CBD Help In Managing Opioid Addiction?

When you are already addicted to a drug, the chances of relapsing is very common. The withdrawal symptoms can also be very serious. The natural craving of the substance, nausea, anxiety, stress, mood fluctuations, emotional instability, and insomnia are common withdrawal symptoms.

Some reviews show that CBD not only can manage and modulate addiction behavior in opioid addiction, but in other substance abuse too. The CBD may also have therapeutic effect on the addiction of cocaine and psychostimulants. It helps in relieving the withdrawal symptoms.


Though CBD have some benefits in reducing the withdrawal symptoms, people have reported that their condition relapsed once they went back to the previous settings they were living in. CBD cannot always be a definite answer to cure addiction.

Therefore, it is wise to consult your doctor before replacing your medicine or using it in adjunct to your existing medication. It may have drug interactions. The most important thing to remember is that not all CBD product works for you. It may also not work the same way as it works for you.